Springfield MO History

Although St. Louis is called the Gateway to the West, Springfield MO is literally the center of the country and the focal point of many stories in US history. Springfield has ties to stories of Native Americans, the Louisiana Purchase, the Civil War, the railroad and Route 66. Believed to be named after Springfield Massachusetts, the area was first home to Native American tribes, including the Delaware and Kickapoo, but that was only the beginning.

Springfield, the Louisiana Purchase and Beyond

With the Louisiana Purchase in 1803, the government created land treaties for the Delaware natives where Sequiota Park and Galloway Village are today. The negotiation of the Kickapoo Prairie, to the West, still bears their name today actually. Later, in 1838, the infamous Trail of Tears traveled through Springfield along Old Wire Road. This road was also historic during the Civil War since it provided easy access to locations like Wilson Creek, where the significant battle of 1861 took place. Springfield itself flip-flopped between Union and Confederate control until 1863 when union soldiers took control of the area until the end of the war. A short time after, in 1865, the nation's first-recorded shootout took place in the town square between "Wild Bill" Hickok and Davis Tutt. After a poker game, Hickok returned Tutt’s shot and killed the man from 75 yards away, cementing his place as one of the best marksman in history.

Springfield MO in the Industrial Age

When it comes to travel, Springfield has always been at the center of the action. For example, in 1870 the St. Louis-San Francisco line traveled through Springfield, strengthening the town. In fact, the locomotive path, which is still in use, can be seen from Jefferson Avenue Footbridge. When the automotive industry began to take shape, once again Springfield was there. It’s officially recognized the birth place of the famous Route 66. This completely paved transcontinental highway stretched from the Great Lakes in Chicago to the Pacific Coast in Los Angeles and was nicknamed the Mother Road.

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