Springfield MO Sports

One of the great things about Springfield MO is if you love watching live-action sports, you'll find it here. There are number of teams, and a number of different sporting venues, for you to enjoy. The majority of games are collegiate in nature; however, there are also some professional sponsored activities too. Now, let's look the choices in spectator sports in Springfield.

Springfield Spectator Sports

Football lovers can cheer on the Missouri State University NCAA Division I team or Drury University’s Division II team. There's also the arena football team the Springfield Wolfpack you can support. Basketball lovers have the Missouri State University Bears and Lady Bears basketball teams, along with the Drury University Panthers. Golf lovers can see the PGA sponsored Price Cutter Charity Championship, which benefits children in the Ozarks, at the Highland South Country Club. Baseball fans can cheer on the minor-league Springfield Cardinals during the summer months. As for soccer and tennis fans, they can root for the Springfield Demize and Springfield Lasers, respectively. As you can see, if you love athletics, Springfield has quite a few teams ready for your support.

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